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Choosing GIT as it’s preferred partner to do the outsourced jobs is an option available to our partners.

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In the 21st century Information Technology has grown beyond just being a necessary factor for any business to be successful and effective. It has become the backbone for many business organizations in carrying out their day to day business transactions. The dependency on technology and technology applications is just about unavoidable irrespective of the size of the company or volume of business. The requirements and expectations are quire wide and varying and keep changing quite often. Also more and more technology platforms and tools comes into the market almost every day.

In the circumstances, most companies in the small and medium size finds it difficult to maintain an army of technology professionals who possess a large spectrum of skills sets and application knowledge. Also to upskill these resources to keep up with current times is another expensive and rigorous effort.

The questions that comes across most business leaders and owners are

  • What is the best and right technology for us to make it most user friendly, business friendly and cost effective?

  • How can I ensure that my technology stack in not obsolete?

  • What amount of resources with what skill sets should I have?

  • How do I ensure Value for Money for my technology investment?

  • How do I know the standard off the shelf products available in the market will suit my business need?

One of the best recommended solution is to identify a partner who can understand your business need and dynamics and build the right application for you with the best fit technology at an optimum cost.

Why partner with GIT?

Global IT investor is a leading player in Information Technology Application design and development domain We have a large pool of technology resources with outstanding knowledge and skills across a wide spectrum of Information Technology platforms and tools. Our Business Process Analysts bring the highest level of business acumen and business process knowledge to the table, whereby they can understand and digest your business requirement effectively in a short span of time. There upon they will recommend the necessary and optimum elements of technology that are technically and commercially viable for you and your business. Our architects can design the solution and our build team will build it using true AGILE frameworks.

Our expertise is not limited to one or a few technology platforms or tools. Our resources update their skill sets at regular intervals which keep them up to date with the most modern and cutting edge technology, its platforms and tools

Our Business Process Analysts come with rich and glorious hands-ion experience in their respective business domain. They can easily and quickly understand your business requirements irrespective of their level of complexity.

In case your process is not one of the most robust and efficient, they will make recommendations to you on any changes that they believe can increase your business drivers like customer satisfaction, business effectiveness, process efficiency or resource productivity,

Upon your confirmation on the process to be automated, they will partner with you and our technology architects in identifying the right framework for application at the most optimum cost

Our Gem of a class technology build team will create your solution according to the true AGILE framework ensuring high efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Post development, our analysts and architects will train your team on how to operate the application in the most effective and efficient manner. Our teams will also provide with you all necessary documentation user guides and navigation manuals

Our senior leadership attention to deliverables and project management ensures you thick returns for your investment

Our deliverable based billing model is an option for companies who want to have a balanced risk reward remuneration pattern

Our Approach for your success

Upon receipt of your letter of intent, we will enter into detailed discussions with you to understand your business and I.T landscape and requirements. This may also include no-commitment site visits and presentations. We shall review your key project artifacts like, business requirement and business plan and engage your senior leadership of I T and business domains to give you some suggestions and frame up our statement of work.

Once you commit to partner with GIT, we will give you a resource model as envisioned in the agreed statement of work. This resource model will include on-site and off-site support, senior leadership and knowledge base support as needed and access to our intellectual property like training materials, tool kits and navigation manuals

We will work with your leadership to create a project consisting of milestones and deliverables fully conversant to AGILE. This will also include detailed training and oreintation plans for your resources.

Our Application Outsoaring support model also includes adequate GIT senior leadership oversight, engagement and touch points to make sure that you get optimum returns for your investment. This will include regular review meetings and feedback sessions among other support

Overall, our vision, business acumen and technology skill sets will ensure that you have the best fit technology application for your business. Something that is built JUST For YOU..!