Lean Transformation

Choosing GIT as it’s preferred partner to do the outsourced jobs is an option available to our partners.

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Lean is a business excellence methodology adopted using a common framework that should be customized to suit your industry and organizational sensitivities. What it means is, it is an interesting and unique combination of:

  • Adopting a globally known, tried, tested and successful methodology with a standard tool kit
  • In-depth Knowledge of industry global best practices
  • Thorough understanding of business processes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Ability to connect with users and beneficiaries of each process and the value chain
  • Ability to see a process as a process

For an organization that is embarking on to a Lean transformation, the toughest challenge is to identify the right coaching and mentoring team who can guide the organization during the transition and sail them to a successful transformation. It is not un-usual to experience turbulence during the transition period. People may find it hard and demanding to cope up with the demand the transformation might put forth. Only an experienced and versatile Lean coach (or a team of coaches depending upon the size of the organization and dimensions of transformation) can ensure a smooth sail and time bound and successful transformation.

It will take some time to mold and groom your internal team to get to those levels. They might be well versed with the business processes, global best practices and KPIs. But to become a Lean transformation agent, it also demands that you have in-depth knowledge of the Lean principles, the tool kits and hands-on experience on their practical application.

Hiring someone from the external world can also result in sub-optimal results or sometimes even a risky recipe that can lead to failures. A person coming from external world may not get adapted to your company’s environment and values that quickly. It will also take some time for them to understand the business processes and to establish good relationship with all stakeholders

The best approach under these circumstances is to create a team of an experienced coach / coaching team from the external world and a set of capable internal members during the initial period

Why partner with GIT?

Global IT investor is a leading player in the business excellence consulting and training domain. We have large pool of experienced resources that you can choose from, who will support your transformation on-site and hands on

Our expertise is not limited to one framework or geography. You can choose mentors experienced in your chosen framework and we can give you on the ground support in most of the geographies where you have presence

Our transformation experts come with immensely rich and widely varied experience so that you don’t to worry about the skill sets or up skilling of internal resources

We provide you with materials and tool kits to kick start and run the transformation without losing time

Our versatile and highly skilled resource pool enables you to scale up on down the mentoring strength based on your organizational demand with out any additional liabilities or concerns

Our senior leadership attention to deliverables and project management ensures you thick returns for your investment

Our deliverable based billing model is an option for companies who want to have a balanced risk reward remuneration pattern

Our Approach for your success

Upon receipt of your letter of intent, we will enter into detailed discussions with you to understand your business landscape and objectives. This may also include no-commitment site visits and presentations. We shall review your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Currently available metrics and dashboards, Customer feedback data, any form of data or artifacts about product or service level performance, market intelligence, competitor analysis and any other data or artifacts that are relevant to the value stream to give you the required and necessary recommendations and to firm up our statement of work

Once you commit to partner with GIT, we will give you a resource model as envisioned in the agreed statement of work. This resource model will include on-site and off-site support, senior leadership and knowledge base support as needed and access to our intellectual property like training materials, tool kits and play books

We will submit a detailed project plan for the transformation that will include the phases of transformation, transformation deliverables against each phase, review toll gates, training plan and onboarding plan of various resources.

Further to that we will work with your team in identifying and finalizing the value streams for improvement. We will validate the performance metrics and available data and install data collection mechanism wherever needed.
An organizational hierarchy to the true spirits of Lean will be designed along with the team people will be on boarded to the respective transformation roles to facilitate and effective and efficient transformation.

Our transformation support model also includes adequate GIT senior leadership oversight, engagement and touch points to make sure that you get optimum returns for your investment. This will include regular review meetings and feedback sessions among other support

Overall, our flexibility and knowledge pool will help you to ensure a successful and efficient transformation