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Choosing GIT as it’s preferred partner to do the outsourced jobs is an option available to our partners.

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In the modern day business landscape remaining consistently competitive and customer focused is as much a challenge as they are a Critical Success Factor. One of the proven ways to ensure and improve the above success factors is to invest best of your attention and utilization of resources on the most core and critical areas of your business that has mostly a direct interaction with your customers and end users. This leads to a question on how to tackle the business activities, transactions and processes that are not so core or critical. Anyone would agree that no business can run successfully without having such processes operated or performed. Here is where an external arm who can operate or perform such functions for you in an efficient and effective way assumes relevance.

In late nineties or early 2000s a lot of business process outsourcing organizations sprang up in the world arena promising to to anything and everything at a reduced operational cost. But many organizations who didn’t have a proper outsourcing strategy and vision burnt their figures by working blindly with such BPO vendors. Neither the client organization nor the BPO vendor had an idea on how to ensure that the end users are not impacted badly in this outsourcing. Neither could they envision various other questions and issues such a phenomenon brought to light.

It is under these situations and scenarios that a company like GIT who has immense business transformation and process improvement experience is best positioned to help you in designing an Outsourcing strategy and also operationalizing such strategy successfully enabling you and your business reap the full benefits of outsourcing.

The most common question that many organizations and their leaders have when they approach outsourcing is, how can we ensure that we gain a wider spectrum of benefits without compromising on business results and at the same time maintaining the operational cost affordable and reasonable. What are those major levers one should consider when they approach outsourcing?

What are those major levers one should consider when they approach outsourcing?

  • Flexibility:

    By choosing the right model of outsourcing organizations can their cost model. For example, for organizations who opt a delivery based pay structure, they should be able to convert a large sum of their fixed cost to a predictable variable cost. For some other companies whose business volumes are predictable and finite it may be a good choice to to opt for a fixed remuneration model by which large portion of their variable cost and infrastructural investment gets converted to a fixed cost. The question is how does one know which model suits their organization the best?

  • Core vs. non core functions:

    How does one segregate their business operations and processes into Core and Non Core without committing an error? Also how can one ensure that there are no negative impacts on the customers and end users. The answers remain in one’s ability to understand the complexity and nuances of the candidate organization’s business environment.

  • Business Performance

    No business leader would want outsourcing to drive down their business performance. Rather they would gladly grab an opportunity if it ensures that the business performance rather improve by gaining speed and agility.

In all of the above, as you can see the success is much dependent on how you plan and choose your initial steps

Why partner with GIT?

Global IT investors is a leading player Business Excellence, performance management and strategic transformation support. Our business excellence and strategic transformation professionals are well qualified, richly experienced veterans in process design, process performance management and human capital management. Our experts can understand the complexities and nuances in your business landscape and come up with the right model of outsourcing that will work for the candidate business organization. Further to that they can work along with the business organization’s leadership in putting together a detailed plan to operationalize the strategy. They will also help the organization in identifying the performance metrics that will not only monitor but also help the leaders in taking the right steps in improving the business performance. Our experts will work hand in hand with your people and leadership and make it a very successful and fruitful partnership.

Choosing GIT as it’s preferred partner to do the outsourced jobs is an option available to our partners. If your business processes are one among our core capabilities of extended support, we will be happy to take this partnership to the next level by being your trusted outsourced partner for your qualified non core processes.

Our experts will thoroughly understand your business landscape, your organizational environment and the market conditions and will suggest you the best right approach and model for outsourcing.

Upon your agreement to the model, our experts will design a well defined strategy for achieving your outsourcing goals and second them with detailed plans of action. This will include

  • What to be outsourced
  • How to identify the right partner
  • Timelines
  • Performance metrics and how to measure the performance
  • Process optimization opportunities before outsourcing and through the life cycle thereafter
  • Knowledge transfer plans for partner organization’s resources
  • Cross skilling and up skilling plans for partner organization’s resources
  • Reinvestment plans for current human capital at hand
  • Redesigned Organizational management structure to ensure maximum benefits

If GIT is chosen as your partner of choice for outsourcing, our experts will provide an addendum plan that will clearly lay out how will take on the incoming tasks which will include

  • Resource onboarding plans
  • Infrastructure readiness plans
  • Knowledge transfer plans
  • On the Job training plans
  • Performance management and reporting infrastructure
  • Steady state operational goals
  • Continuous improvement goals and plans

In addition to the above, based on your organization’s and business’s needs we will also provide you with details of security measures built in at our facilities and in our business transactions and policies related to emergency business response and disaster recovery.

Our senior leadership attention at every stage of design and delivery will ensure maximum business returns in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity

Our deliverable based billing model is an option for companies who want to have a balanced risk reward remuneration pattern

Our Approach for your success

Upon receipt of your letter of intent, we will enter into detailed discussions with you to understand your business landscape and market conditions. This may also include no-commitment site visits and presentations. We shall review your key business performance metrics and related records and artifacts to give you some suggestions and frame up our statement of work.

Once you commit to partner with GIT, we will give you a resource model as envisioned in the agreed statement of work. This resource model will include on-site and off-site support, senior leadership and knowledge base support as needed and access to our intellectual property like training materials, tool kits and navigation manuals

We will work with your leadership to create a project plan consisting of milestones and deliverables.

Our Business Process Outsoaring facilitation and engagement model also includes adequate GIT senior leadership oversight, engagement and touch points to make sure that you get optimum returns for your investment. This will include regular review meetings and feedback sessions among other support

Overall, our vision, business acumen and technology skill sets will ensure that you have the best and optimum business results as a result of your Business Process Outsourcing.