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One of the biggest and terrible mis-concepts in current day business management domain is that Project Management is about managing daily tasks and human resources. What is Project Management?

Project management is about managing all aspects of the projects to ensure that all deliverables are met or delivered successfully on-time with the efficient utilization of optimum amount of resources.

Every organization has projects and they vary in terms of complexity, duration and skills needed. Some may look easier compared to others. But the core principles involved doesn’t change in any of them

A knowledgeable and efficient Project manager is a critical factor for the success of any project. The project manager stands in between the the team that does that work and the use community that enjoys the output.

For an organization that is undertaking a complex project, the toughest challenge is to identify the toughest challenge is to identify the right Project manager / Project management team and enable them with necessary tools, skills and empowerment. It is not un-usual to experience turbulence during any project. Only an experienced and versatile Project Manager can sail the vessel straight through to successful landing.

It will take some time to mold and groom your internal team to get to those levels. They might be well versed with the business processes, global best practices and KPIs. But to become a successful project manager, it also demands that you have in-depth knowledge of the project management methodologies, the tool kits and hands-on experience on their practical application. In addition to that one should be very good at relationship management and stakeholder management to be successful in project management

An internal person may get pulled into the day to day fire fighting very often and case lose focus on on the overall project delivery and process adherence because of this. This can become a risk to the entire project.

Another risk involved in pulling in an internal personal to core project management is that may lead to issues in the material delivery of the project. A capable senior person may be key to some material and technical delivery attributes and asking them to do project management may lead to the technical delivery suffering.

Yet another effect can be dissatisfaction among core members. A core technical or material delivery person may be more interested in that area and Project management can look less colorful or boring to them and such people, if pulled into project management, can get demotivated and eventually quit.

The best approach under these circumstances is to hire an experienced and efficient project manager from the outside world to focus exclusively on project management.

Why partner with GIT?

Global IT investor is a leading player in the business excellence consulting and training domain for which change management is an essential success factor. We have large pool of experienced change management professionals that you can choose from, who will support your change management on-site and hands on

Our expertise is not limited to one methodology, framework or geography. You can choose mentors experienced in your chosen framework and we can give you on the ground support in most of the geographies where you have presence

Our expertise is not limited to one methodology, framework or geography. You can choose mentors experienced in your chosen framework and we can give you on the ground support in most of the geographies where you have presence

We provide you with materials and tool kits to kick start and run the transformation without losing time

Our versatile and highly skilled resource pool enables you to scale up on down the mentoring strength based on your organizational demand with out any additional liabilities or concerns

Our senior leadership attention to deliverables and project management ensures you thick returns for your investment

Our deliverable based billing model is an option for companies who want to have a balanced risk reward remuneration pattern

Our Approach for your success

Upon receipt of your letter of intent, we will enter into detailed discussions with you to understand your business landscape and objectives. This may also include no-commitment site visits and presentations. We shall review your stake holder and leadership commitment, Organizational readiness for embarking onto the transformation and existing skill sets and tool your organization has to make the necessary recommendations and to firm up our statement of work

Once you commit to partner with GIT, we will give you a resource model as envisioned in the agreed statement of work. This resource model will include on-site and off-site support, senior leadership and knowledge base support as needed and access to our intellectual property like training materials, tool kits and play books

We will submit a detailed project plan for the overall change management that will include the phases, deliverables against each phase, review toll gates, coaching and mentoring plan and onboarding plan of various resources.

Further to that we will work with your team in conducting detailed Organizational Transformation Readiness Assessment, Functional / departmental analysis and stakeholder analysis to articulate the specific needs of change management in your organization.

A detailed action plan at the project / program level, portfolio / department level and at an organizational level will be designed and submitted based on the findings on the assessments.

Our transformation support model also includes adequate GIT senior leadership oversight, engagement and touch points to make sure that you get optimum returns for your investment. This will include regular review meetings and feedback sessions among other support

Overall, our flexibility and knowledge pool will help you to ensure a successful change management and efficient transformation